January 1, 2005

IAPro Version 4 Released

IAPro Version 4 is the first major upgrade of the product since 2003. It incorporates many new features, along with a updated, more user-friendly interface Office XP-style interface thatÕs based on the latest Microsoft GUI design standards.

New features include:

Major enhancements to the early intervention features. IAPro has been improved to support the latest concepts in this evolving field, and now offers alert override capabilities, supervisory intervention alerts, alert by organizational component, alert by allegation and alert by use-of-force. New EI analytical reports, including peer-group comparison analysis, have been added as well.

New report and chart formats including customer-configurable incident summary format.

Ad-hoc reporting tool upgraded with Excel export and report save capability.

Purge capabilities upgraded including auto-calculated purge date and purge log.

Additional user capability screening including ability to constrain which types of incidents each user can enter.