January 1, 2006

BlueTeam 2.0 Field Support Services Application Released

BlueTeam is designed to help a broad range of personnel working at today’s law enforcement agency to participate in upholding its professional standards.

BlueTeam is a web-enabled application that works hand-in-hand with IAPro. It supports personnel outside of the internal affairs and professional standards area in handling their supervisory and reporting tasks.

Incidents that are generated and handled by “the field” such as use-of-force, pursuit, accident, and many complaints are, at many agencies, centered around a cumbersome, paper-based process. BlueTeam automates and streamlines these processes in a highly user-friendly manner.

In addition, BlueTeam supports the supervisory and early intervention responsibilities of law enforcement management in a simple, easily understood format. The task of BlueTeam is to simplify and assist – not to further complicate.

For more information on BlueTeam, please contact CI Technologies.