April 1, 2007

Integration to Provide Enhanced EI Capabilities at Peel Regional Police

Peel Regional Police – the 6th IAPro/BlueTeam Canadian customer – is leading the way to become the first customer to work with CI Technologies to integrate arrest and other data from Departmental systems into IAPro. Adding these information sets will significantly enhance the EI capabilities of IAPro and BlueTeam.

CI Technologies will build integration processes at Peel that will, for the first time, allow arrest, call-out, and other activity data to be factored in to a department’s risk analysis, Charges of a discretionary nature will also be fed to IAPro on a nightly basis.

CI Technologies has been working on an open interface design since 2005 that allows data to be fed to IAPro in a simple, straightforward manner. This exciting new feature will take IAPro and BlueTeam to the next level in early identification capabilities.

Employing over 2,800 personnel, Peel Regional Police is located in the fast-growing Brampton area near Toronto airport.