IAPro 5.0 and BlueTeam 3.0 released - IAProIAPro

April 2, 2007

IAPro 5.0 and BlueTeam 3.0 released

After two years of preparation, CI Technologies announces the release of IAPro Version 5 and BlueTeam Version 3. These two versions represent two years of technical effort in response to suggestions and feedback from our customers.

New features include:

Greatly enhanced early intervention functionality. In IAPro, many new early intervention features are now consolidated into a new EI “console” interface available to designated users. BlueTeam now includes a user-friendly EI console that allows supervisory and command personnel to view EI indicators on employees assigned to units under their purview.

New case management features including additional reports, charts and the enhancement of investigative task to include time/effort tracking and along with a new routing mechanism.

A new less-lethal module. This is a significant enhancement to the use-of-force reporting in IAPro and BlueTeam. The less-lethal module allows customers to better track use of ECD and other conductive energy discharge (CED) devices.

Vehicle pursuit and accident reporting in IAPro and BlueTeam now collect a much wider range of data elements.

Many reports are now integrated with MS Excel, with their data exported into Excel format in one click. Plus, the new “My Reports” feature now enables users to group their frequently-used reports in one place.

BlueTeam and IAPro now incorporate a country setting so that date and telephone number formatting, along with other features, are appropriate to the customer’s country.

In a similar manner, a state setting results in California-specific features such as Pitchess “Motion for request” being accessible to the customer.

Many customers have been upgraded by our technical staff during April and May. The month of June through mid-July will see a pause in upgrades so that staff vacations can be accommodated.

Upgrades will resume on July 16th. If you are an IAPro or BlueTeam customer that has not yet been upgraded, please contact us to schedule your siteÕs upgrade.

The upgrade process takes less than an hour, and is conducted with a member of our technical support staff assisting via phone. A detailed upgrade manual is provided as well.