August 1, 2010

“Mission completed” at Baltimore Police in front of court-mandated deadlines

Baltimore Police Department is up-and-running with IAPro and BlueTeam — and in record time!

The key goal communicated to CI Technologies by Baltimore Police early in 2010 was to move their Internal Affairs Division off of an outdated Lotus Notes platform, with cut-over to IAPro and BlueTeam prior to July 1st.

This needed to take place in order that City of Baltimore would be in compliance with recent court decisions and court-mandated requirements by July 1st 2010 at the very latest.

As part of this effort, 8 Lotus Notes databases had to be transformed and migrated into IAPro/BlueTeam format and moved into Oracle.

Sun-setting of the Lotus Notes based systems has resulted in significant savings in cost as well as time and effort on the part of IT staff Baltimore Police Department.

City of Baltimore uses Oracle as database for mission-critical systems, and IAPro and BlueTeam have from their inception included Oracle among supported database engines.

As part of the Baltimore implementation, new features were added to IAPro and BlueTeam to support the Baltimore Police Department’s district-based complaint management process.

We are very pleased to welcome Baltimore Police Department to our customer base!