April 22, 2011

New software to track problem officers

An article in the Glendale News-Press about the Glendale Police Department adopting IAPro in response to ongoing issues.

New software to track problem officers

A new software program will allow the Police Department to better track officer misconduct reports as the command staff continues to carry out Chief Ron De Pompa’s zero tolerance policy.

The internal affairs tracking system — part of larger software conversion that also will track work hours and other personnel matters — will establish an early-warning system for problem employees by tracking the number of reported misconducts and notifying administrators so they can intervene, said Capt. Ray Edey of the department’s Administrative Services Division.

De Pompa’s zero tolerance policy for police misconduct prompted administrators to look for more efficient methods to keep tabs on any “bad apples in the department,” Edey said.

The Internal Affairs Division traditionally maintained manual logs and basic databases to monitor personnel issues, he added.

But that method hasn’t always been effective in catching behavior patterns, Edey said.

The IA-PRO program, created by CI Technologies Corporation, will look for patterns and send out red flags for employees, he said.