August 2, 2011

VIPD: New software will help us meet consent decree conditions

At the below link, an article in the Virgin Islands Daily News newspaper regarding the role of IAPro and BlueTeam in helping their Police Department meet US Department of Justice Consent Decree requirements.

VIPD: New software will help us meet consent decree conditions

Software training specialist Todd Fasulo and Virgin Islands Police Department management information systems acting director Kareem Christian speak Thursday afternoon about the department’s new Blue Team software. ( Image source: Virgin Island Daily News: Image caption: Virgin Island Daily News, Published July 22nd, 2011 )

Excerpts from the article…

ST. CROIX – The V.I. Police Department has begun training on computer software that officials say is a tool that can help them reach compliance with some provisions of a federal consent decree.

The “Blue Team” software will allow officers and supervisors to enter data – such as reports on use of force – in the field and upload it into a database using a web-based program, said Todd Fasulo, an IAPro training specialist who is conducting training in the territory this week.

“It brings two things to the process. It brings transparency and it brings accountability,” he said. “That will protect both the citizens and the officers.”

Police will use Blue Team in conjunction with IAPro software they obtained in 2009, also as a means to help them move toward compliance with the consent decree.

Both IAPro – which is intended to help Internal Affairs track incidents, identify patterns and intervene early when an officer demonstrates potentially problematic behavior – and Blue Team were developed by the same company, CI Technologies.

The consent decree mandates that the Police Department make improvements aimed at ensuring full investigation of all complaints and preventing improper use of force by officers.

Among the mandates is that the department require written documentation of all uses of force – which the department plans to do through Blue Team.

The consent decree also requires the department to set up a risk management system and database capable of maintaining, integrating and retrieving information necessary to supervise and manage its officers.