December 1, 2012

Article: Citizens Police Review Board to join police department’s Blue Team

At the below link, an article in the University Of Missouri student newspaper regarding IAPro’s companion product, BlueTeam.

The article describes providing the Columbia, Missouri Citizens Police Review Board access to Police Department use-of-force reports via BlueTeam, which Columbia Police Department uses to capture use-of-force and other key incident reports.

Citizens Police Review Board to join police department’s Blue Team

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton speaks to members of the Citizens Police Review Board at its meeting Wednesday at Columbia City Hall. Burton suggested giving the board access to all of the police department’s use of force reports in the future. ( Image source: Maneater – U of Missouri student paper: Kelsey Maffett-Photographer/ Image caption: Maneater article, Published September 14th 2012 )

Excerpts from the article…

The Citizens Police Review Board will soon have access to all use of force reports filed by Columbia police officers.

Currently, the review board can only see appealed reviews of complaints against the police department. At the board’s Wednesday meeting, Police Chief Ken Burton discussed the possibility of adding a board member to the police department’s Blue Team software so they can see more than just appealed reviews.

“A CPRB member having access (to Blue Team) would allow them to see use of force reports submitted by officers through the chain of command,” Columbia Police Department spokeswoman Jill Schlude said in an email.

Burton said whenever an officer uses force, a mandatory report is filed. Use of force can include handcuffing or pointing a gun at a suspect.

“We want a more proactive role,” board member Stephen Alexander said to Burton. “(CPRB) doesn’t want to get into your business, (we) just want to try to help. The more we understand how (the police department) works, the better it is.”