January 15, 2017

Helping customers meet consent decree requirements and supporting collaborative reform efforts

IAPro 7.1

  • Improved body worn camera video access & storage
  • Canine deployment entry, bite ratio stats
  • Tracking of behavioral crisis, remediation, CIT resources
  • Review and determination of policy outcome

EIPro 2.1

  • Based on request by court appointed monitor
  • Scheduled Email digests
  • Supervised headcount factoring
  • Filtered, real-time information
  • Hot spot force analysis

BlueTeam 5.1

  • Modernized UI throughout
  • Canine deployment entry
  • Stop + detain entry
  • Show of force entry
  • Improved capture of citizen demographics
  • Improved access to body worn camera video

Supporting key customers

  • Striving to meet court mandated requirements
  • Engaged in collaborative reform efforts
  • Introducing additional best practices into their organizations
  • Seattle Police Department

    SPD has been running early releases of IAPro 7 and BlueTeam 5 since April 2015. This was due to the pressing need for bifurcated use-of-force reporting being introduced to support the different workflows and handling based on the seriousness and initial assessment of force incidents

  • Albuquerque Police Department

    Another early adopter of pre-release versions of IAPro and BlueTeam, APD requested a range of enhancements from deeper tracking of citizen demographics, show of force module, canine module and better support for Police Oversight users to document and track review of complaints. APD has adopted EIPro to help in their employee assistance and early intervention efforts in response to settlement agreement requrirements as well.

  • Maricopa County Sheriff Office

    Significant impetus for the creation of EIPro came from the court appointed monitor for the MCSO consent decree. A requirement was determined based on the need for supervisors to have the capability of real-time awareness and monitoring of employee issues. MCSO also has requested integration of a variety of data-sets from external systems into the IAPro/BlueTeam/EIPro solution data repository

  • Baltimore Police Department

    An IAPro & BlueTeam customer since 2010, BPD also benefits from a nightly feed of “quality of life” data into our solution’s database. This data includes citations and arrests made by officers, so that it can be available for analysis and review by Professional Standards. CI Technologies is also currently assisting BPD with additional specialized services in support of the recently announced consent decree.