Australian and New Zealand-specific

The adoption of IAPro and BlueTeam by four Australian police agencies and New Zealand Police represent a major step in the evolution of our products and services.

Clickable Body Image

In 2012, BlueTeam use-of-force reporting was enhanced at the request of Western Australia Police to include clickable body-images to capture injury and force contact points.

Incident Management Dashboard

BlueTeam’s Incident management dashboard (IMD) was designed to support complaints management by supervisory and command staff at New Zealand Police. The IMD has now been adopted by other Police Services throughout our customer base.

Supporting Police Integrity “Down Under”

Forming an in-depth understanding of the evolving needs of Professional and Ethical Standards in Australasian Policing has been essential to our company’s expansion into those markets. CI Technologies staff keep in close touch with Australasian customers’ need through regular communication, periodic on-site visits, and a user conference to be held this year in central Australia at Alice Springs.

Meeting Police Integrity needs on a large scale

Use over large geographical areas down under has resulted in improvements that enable IAPro and BlueTeam to better support wide-area use by front-line as well as Ethical Standards staff. Enhancements of BlueTeam’s early intervention, reporting and case management features make it an exceptional platform for front-line supervisory support.

Alice Springs 2017 — Bi-annual Australasian Users Conference

Open to customers and prospective customers, the 2017 conference will be held in Alice Springs, Australia March 14th – 16th.

Our users conferences serve as a vehicle to communicate new releases of BlueTeam, IAPro and EIPro, and — most importantly — to receive valuable feedback from our Australasian customers.

Supporting EI with integration data in New Zealand and Northern Territory Police forces

Since late 2012, 15 separate integration processes have been run nightly at New Zealand Police. Built by 8 Minute Consulting, an IAPro solution provider in Wellington New Zealand, these processes integrate data from external Police and Judicial systems into the IAPro/BlueTeam database. Data being integrated include charges of a discretionary nature, traffic infringement notices and vehicle pursuits. These data, coupled with information directly captured into IAPro and BlueTeam, assist with the early identification of performance shortfall issues within the organization.

Our Australian Clients

Western Australia Police Service

The Western Australia Police Service, or WAP, is responsible for policing the largest single police jurisdiction in the world, which comprises an area covering 2.5 million square kilometres. Its 6,318 employees include 4,993 sworn police officers. IAPro is currently being used by WAP public complaints, risk assessment and internal affairs units to assist in upholding the integrity and effectiveness of their Service.

Introduction of BlueTeam for use Statewide commenced in July 2012. With its enhanced use-of-force and drug test reporting, BlueTeam 4.1 incorporates important new features requested by WAP as well as by New Zealand Police.

South Australia Police

In 2007, CI Technologies also welcomed South Australia Police (SAPOL) as our second addition to the IAPro & BlueTeam Australian customer-base.

The SAPOL implementation included data conversion, creation of a HR integration process, and on-site training of their staff in Adelaide, South Australia.

Tasmania Police

In 2009, CI Technologies installed and trained Tasmainia Police (TASPOL) as the third IAPro & BlueTeam Australian customer. As part of the installation, an integration process that ties-in employee information from the TASPOL HR system was built, tested and put into production.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police went live with IAPro and BlueTeam on July 1st, 2010. Since then, they have expanded use of BlueTeam throughout Police Regions on both North and South Islands.

8 Minute Consulting of Wellington, NZ completed a data integration project in November 2012 that integrates 15 types of data from external systems. This enables the NZ Police employee assistance program to form a detailed picture of organizational and member performance.

External data feeds include:

Member sick leave balances
Charges of a discretionary nature
Charges of a discretionary nature that have been withdrawn or dropped
Use-of-force reports
Vehicle pursuit reports
Traffic infringement notices

These data, coupled with information directly captured into IAPro + BlueTeam, assist with the early identification of performance issues within the organization.

Northern Territory Police

In August 2011 CI Technologies training and data migration staff traveled to Darwin to implement IAPro and BlueTeam into production use. Services provided included training, migration of data from the formerly used complaints system, and HR integration process.