August 30, 2018

Record number of new adopters in 2018, including one of the largest Police Forces in the world

Strong sales so far during 2018 have resulted in over 50 new IAPro and BlueTeam customers during the first eight months of the year.

On-site training is a key part of getting new customers up and running with IAPro, BlueTeam and EIPro.

All of our trainers are specialists, with extensive law enforcement experience in Professional Standards, internal investigations and proactive early intervention.

Our trainers, technical and project management staff have been kept busier than usual this year as agencies large and small from Canada, the United States and Australia have come on board.

Our data specialists continue to play a key role in migrating new customers’ valuable historical data and creating processes that bring data from customers’ external systems into our solution.

Included among the new adopters is New South Wales Police, one of the largest Police Forces in the world, and the fifth Australian Police Force to adopt IAPro and BlueTeam!

Other milestone new customers include…

  • New York State Police
  • Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
  • Alaska State Department of Corrections
  • Broward County Sheriff’s Office (Florida)
  • Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (California)
  • Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department (California)
  • National Institute of Health Police
  • Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center (New Mexico)
  • Thunder Bay Police Service (Canada)
  • …and over 40 others!