IAPro, BlueTeam and EIPro: Major new releases

Meeting consent decree requirements and supporting collaborative reform efforts

Assisting key customers including –

  • Seattle Police Department
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Albuquerque Police Department
  • Cleveland Police Department
  • Baltimore Police Department

IAPro 7.1

  • Improved body worn camera video access & storage
  • Canine deployments and bite ratios
  • Documenting behavioral crisis and remediation
  • Review and determination of policy outcome

EIPro 2.1

  • Product created based on request by court appointed monitor
  • Hot spot force analysis
  • Scheduled Email digests
  • Supervised headcount calculated
  • More informational dashboard

BlueTeam 5.1

  • Canine deployment entry
  • Stop + detain entry
  • Documenting behavioral crisis and remediation
  • Review and determination of policy outcome

The new upgrades are all about current Best Practices

We are pleased to announce major new releases of BlueTeam, IAPro and EIPro will be available February 2017. These new releases bring an array of important and timely new features to our customers.

Some key new features included in the upgrades have been created in response to consent decree requirements at Seattle PD, Albuquerque PD and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

  • EIPro 2.0 now offers analytics by allegation, demographics of involved officers and citizens, and other attributes.
  • EIPro 2.0 provides more meaningful analytics including top percentile, headcount factoring and more.
  • Multiple incident type break-outs within categories to facilitate appropriate routing of incoming incidents for review and approval (requested by Seattle PD)
  • New incident documentation includes pedestrian stops, vehicle stops, canine deployments and show-of-force (requested by Seattle PD, Albuquerque PD and Newark PD)

  • Capture of critical incident related data enables the documenting of key aspects of interactions with citizens experiencing crisis and/or associated behaviors (based on critical incident data intake score-card developed by the Seattle PD critical incident team)
  • Capture of citizen information relevant to social and personal attributes (e.g. homeless, English as second language, gender preference, etc.)

  • Documenting policy outcomes based on review by chain of command and/or force review teams
  • Body worn camera attribute — worn by involved officer, activated, etc.
  • Greatly improved support for cloud-stored body worn camera, in-car and other critical videos needing to be linked for real-time access by investigators and reviewers
  • Each product incorporates a modernized look and feel, and a host of new features to help meet the latest needs in public safety integrity

Release schedule

November 2016 – January 2017: Production testing by a selected group of customers

February 1, 2017: Release to customers, with customers that attended the most recent users conference given priority

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