United States of America

A 360 Degree Integrity Solution

Since 1998 IAPro and its companion product BlueTeam have supported the key needs of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs units across the USA.

In-depth support is provided for complaint management, early intervention, accreditation and frontline supervision.

The Leading Choice Across The USA

With over 680 customers across the United States, our software is the leading choice of Professional Standards solution.

Longstanding customers include larger Departments such as Cook County Sheriff (Chicago), Las Vegas Metro Police, Philadelphia Police and NYPD, just to name a few, as well as many mid-sized and smaller Departments.

Regardless of size, all IAPro customers have a single, overriding need: to ensure their integrity to the highest degree.

Proven commitment to our customers

We pride ourselves on the level and quality of our customer support, which includes:

Toll-free 1-800 number
Support provided across East and West coast hours
A three-day annual users conference – no charge
Two-day user symposiums at selected locations across the USA – no charge