The Leading Professional Standards Software. Worldwide.

Used by over 675 public safety agencies in five countries, the IAPro solution is the leading Professional Standards solution — worldwide.

The IAPro solution

  • IAPro – the leading Professional Standards software used by public safety across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago and Australia
  • BlueTeam – Frontline documentation goes paperless with a digital platform that ensures critical incidents are documented, reviewed and managed with consistency and completeness

  • EIPro – Built using leading-edge HTML5 technologies to provide advanced early intervention support for front-line supervisors and command staff

Supporting today’s high expectation environment

Public safety today operates in an environment of high expectations as never before, with best practices and proactive approaches fast becoming the norm across organizations of all sizes.

The IAPro solution is continually evolving to meet the new requirements that have arisen in today’s environment, and IAPro customers can look forward to important new capabilities, applications and partnerships in the near future.