CI Technologies announces the 2014 Illinois IAPro User Symposium hosted by Cook County Sheriff's Office just outside Chicago, IL, July 23rd and 24th, 2014. The symposium is open to all current IAPro and BlueTeam users. The symposium is no charge for attendees, however, registration is required in advance.

Symposium Content and Details

Seating is limited and is held on a first come first serve basis. The symposium will run from 9 am through 5 pm with short break and a stop for lunch. Please note that attendees are responsible for their own meals.

  • Training - level to be determined by those in attendance
  • Review of new features in the latest release
  • Advanced Features Overview
  • Early Intervention
  • BlueTeam Training
  • Question and Answer Sessions

Symposium registration is free of charge. Please complete the registration form and email to or fax to 1-800-620-8504.


In order for attendees to get the most out of this symposium we recommend (but do not require) each attendee bring a laptop computer with the latest IAPro demo version installed. This is optional and may assist in following along with the trainer, however, it is not required. Please note that installations will NOT be done at the symposium.

Please contact - or have your IT staff contact - support prior to the symposium so that we may install the training version on your laptop.

Support may be reached at 800-620-8504 ext 702.