IAPro and BlueTeam trainers are current or former law enforcement professionals with extensive experience serving in Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Units.

Our trainers therefore offer more than just a "how-to" instructional approach. They bring valuable insight that ensures the smooth introduction and "best fit" of our solution into a key part of the public safety organization.

Additionally, our special training version of IAPro offers a hands-on training experience to new users, who more effectively "learn by doing".

Data Migration

When switching from an existing system to IAPro, there's no need to leave your data behind. Migration of years of data from customers' current databases into IAPro format is a service often provided in conjunction with IAPro implementation.

Ensuring Continuity for the Customer

A typical data migration involves:

  • An analysis of the existing database and mapping of it's data elements to those of IAPro along with a data consistency analysis.
  • Creation of data migration scripts and processes during the weeks prior to implementation.
  • On or off-site implementation of the data migration in conjunction with installation and training.
  • Thorough testing and inspection of the migrated data, focusing on comparison to the source database.


IAPro installations often include integration with a customer's human resources (HR) system so that officer information in IAPro is kept updated via a scheduled process. Information on each officer such as current assignment(s) and rank, is kept up-to-date automatically.

Taking EI Analysis To The Next Level

The IAPro/BlueTeam architecture now incorporates an open interface design that allows data from external RMS, incident management and similar systems to be fed to IAPro in a simple, straightforward manner.

These exciting new features will take IAPro and BlueTeam to the next level in early intervention capabilities.

Integration processes are now being created for selected customers that will, for the first time, allow arrest, dispatch, and other activity data to be factored in to a department's risk analysis. Charges of a discretionary nature can also be fed from booking or RMS systems into IAPro on a scheduled basis.

Product Deployment

Over the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in both public safety and non-public safety agencies requiring Professional Standards software to collect, track, analyze and report on incidents.

Whether it is a law enforcement agency that needs to track use of force incidents, citizen complaints, or a non-public safety agency needing to collect employee vs employee complaints, property damage or any other event type; we have you covered.

In addition to collecting data, we have seen big increases in analyzing and reporting on that same data.

For detailed information of rapid product deployment including 2 case studies