The next generation early intervention platform

EIPro allows supervisors to…

Stay familiar with their area of responsibility

Supervisors need to stay in touch with what’s going on down their chain of command.

EIPro enables quick access to the employees under a supervisor’s purview and — aided by visual indicators of areas of potential concern — to drill-down to quickly review the details.

Case study 1: Large-scale implementation in Arizona

EIPro has been in-use at Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office since 2015.

EIPro was originally built for MCSO to meet US DOJ Consent Decree requirements, and shortly thereafter transformed into a software product to be offered to the IAPro/BlueTeam customer base.

#EIPro is today in-use at 50+ public safety agencies in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Real-time, filtered view

Supervisory and command-level staff can view all employees under their purview along with aggregated counts of incidents that an employee has been involved in to identify performance issues.

Filter by purview

Along with being able to view all employees under their purview, users can further filter to other assignment levels for more detailed analysis.

View incidents snapshots

Users can view a modal snapshot of an employee’s linked information and get a closer look at incidents of concern or interest.

View incidents details

Supervisory staff can get a detailed view of incidents their employees are involved in including incident summaries and information on involved officers and citizens.

Case study 2: State-wide implementation in North Carolina

EIPro is used state-wide by North Carolina Highway Patrol to ensure supervisors have a real-time awareness of pursuits, employee-involved accidents, complaints and other critical incidents.

EIPro Benefits

Peer group analysis

EIPro performs peer group analysis to emphasize employees who may require closer observations by highlighting the incidents they have been involved in.

Configurable incident types

The incident types displayed to users are fully configurable by administrators in order to surface the most relevant information to users.

Information security: access, control and background audit logging

Screening of information access is configurable in several dimensions in order that sensitive or non-relevant information is not accessible. Detailed background logging of user access and viewing of information is another key part of the EIPro solution.

View employees

View all employees under users’ purview filtered and organized by assignments.

Peer group analysis

Employee card includes yellow colored out-of-standard indicators based on peer group analysis.


Dashboards incorporate filtered drill-down capabilities

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