The Leading Provider of Professional Standards Software. Worldwide.

We are specialists

CI Technologies has conducted business since 1992, with the sole purpose of providing software solutions for public safety Professional Standards, investigative and criminal intelligence units.

Since then, we have evolved into the leading provider of software that supports the integrity and reputations of police agencies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

We are the leading provider of Professional Standards software.... Worldwide

Today, our IAPro and BlueTeam products are run by over 950 public safety agencies in five countries.

The scalability of our solution is demonstrated in New Zealand, where BlueTeam is used for input and management of complaints by the National Police across the entire country.

Through our large and multi-national customer base, our Company constantly keeps in close touch with the latest thinking, trends and best practices in the field of Public Safety integrity.

Providing dependable, cost-effective solutions

Our product-based approach results in superior software functionality at reasonable cost to our customers. It also results in a company with strong growth and staying power over the long-term, rather than one dependent on a few large clients or contracts. Product development and technical support are also vastly simplified.

All of our products are created using industry-standard programming languages and are designed to use mainstream relational database engines. They are architected to be scalable from single desktop to wide-area usage.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Our products are in a state of constant improvement, with each new release reflecting our commitment of listening to our customers, and incorporating their ideas into our solutions.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on a hard-won reputation of offering timely and effective product support to our customers, year-in and year-out.