Frontline Software for IAPro

BlueTeam’s simplicity is essential to its role as a solution for the frontline, designed for use at all hours, and in all conditions.

Incidents – including use-of-force, field-level discipline, complaints, vehicle accidents and pursuits – are entered and can then be routed through the chain-of-command with review and approval at each step.

Key Solution Features

  • Document uses-of-force, pursuits, firearm discharges, complaints, and more
  • Supports the handling of less serious complaints by the frontline
  • Supervisory and command staff can identify performance issues in “real-time” with BlueTeam’s EI console
  • Use-of-force data collection includes a CED module to capture data specific to the use of Tasers and other conductive energy devices

Key concept 1: Activity Stream

BlueTeam streamlines information flow to and from the frontline

Key concept 2: Supporting timely review, approval and response

BlueTeam’s workflow configuration features ensure critical incidents will be forwarded through the appropriate chain-of-command with notifications as specified. This ensures that review and any necessary responses can occur in a timely manner, along with accountability at all levels.

Clickable body image

Advanced use-of-force reporting with clickable body images to capture injuries and force contact points.

Location accuracy + streamlined input

Auto-assist with geocoding services for accurate and simple location input.

Early Intervention Dashboard

Featuring live updates of the performance statuses of each employee across a spectrum of benchmarks.

Enhanced linked file support

In-built viewer for linked PDF, Image, and MP4 files.