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Used by 700+ public safety agencies in four countries, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability.

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‘A deeper look’: Lawrence Police Department installs new software for tracking complaints against officers, use of force

With the recent adoption of IAPro and BlueTeam, at Lawrence Police Department in Kansas, an article in the Lawrence Journal-World details the wide-ranging changes that are going to benefit both the Department and the public at large. Article can be found at the following link: ‘A deeper look’: Lawrence Police Department installs new software for tracking complaints against officers, use of force In the near future, if a Lawrence police officer uses a taser, firearm or other form of force a during a certain period of time — such as three times in six months — the Lawrence Police Department will be able to automatically flag those incidents to be further reviewed. That would be an increase in oversight over such instances for the department and is how LPD plans to use a new software program installed earlier this month. The early-warning flagging will be possible through a tracking system provided through Blue Team/IA Pro, which compiles internal information for the department, specifically public complaints against officers as well as all reports for use of force. Interim Chief Anthony Brixius recently unveiled this new system — a two-sided software providing a reporting tool and data review system — at a city Community Police Review Board meeting. He said the system adds another layer of accountability to the department’s internal oversight. Even if all of the use of force instances are completely justified, LPD wants to be able to review those incidents in a broader picture and better understand if there are underlying issues that have gone unseen in the past, Brixius told the Journal-World. “It provides us with a deeper look of what is going on,” Brixius said. “It may be nothing and it may just be the situation they are in, but the review is like a third and fourth tier of review.” Accountability in policing, especially for use of force, has been a major topic of conversation for years, but had reached another boiling point after the death of Black man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in May 2020. The event led to civil unrest across the country and increased scrutiny on law enforcement. Lawrence was no different, as protests routinely occurred throughout the summer. Brixius said LPD came across the Blue Team/IA Pro software last year while meeting with a neighboring police agency for a different topic and was intrigued by the software’s capabilities. According to the software’s website, more than 700 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. have begun using the program. While complaints against officers were already tracked by LPD, Brixius said the software will be a much more helpful resource by making the information easier to find and review. Previously, the information was kept in each employee’s file, while the new system creates a comprehensive and searchable database of the entire department. Additionally, use of force was already required to be reported and reviewed by a use of force review board and officers’ supervisors, Brixius said. But the early warning system helps identify issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, such as an officer repeatedly being involved in use of force situations, vehicle pursuits or the presence of several civilian complaints. “That’s what our governing body and our citizens want us to be doing — make sure we are checking, double checking and triple checking that we are doing the right things,” Brixius said. However, Brixius said the department has not yet determined the parameters for what will flag an officer for review. He said that’s partly because the department has not yet experienced how much data the system provides. But Brixius said he’s confident that the new system will not only provide the department with better information on use of force and officer conduct issues, but also will improve information flow to the public. “I don’t know if we have always met the desire or expectations of what we can report out of because our tracking systems were so manual,” Brixius said. “This is going to give us a much deeper ability to report out on things.”

Denver City Council approves contract extension with software provider

Denver Police, Fire, Sheriff's Office and other City Departments are all longtime customers. Colorado Politics reports on the extension of the contract for their use, with details on . Article at the link.... Denver City Council approves contract extension with software provider for law enforcement Denver City Council on Monday night approved a resolution for extending a contract with the provider of case management and use-of-force reporting software for Denver law enforcement and public safety agencies. The contract is now worth $1,156,007 and will run through the end of 2023. The council approved Resolution 21-53 in a block vote Monday night without discussion. The item came out of the Finance and Governance Committee. The Denver Police Department and Internal Affairs Bureau have contracted with CI Technologies since 2012 for its case management system called IAPro, which replaced the department’s in-house system. The software has been used in conjunction with Blueteam for the DPD’s use-of-force reporting as well. According to the filed resolution, other agencies that now use the IAPro and Blueteam software include the Office of the Independent Monitor, the Director of Safety’s Office, the City Attorney’s Office, and the Sheriff and Fire Departments. The resolution states that the Denver Sheriff’s Department is currently ensuring that their use-of-force reporting through Blueteam complies with Senate Bill 217, the sweeping law enforcement accountability law passed by Colorado’s legislature last summer in the wake of protests of police violence against people of color. The new contract extension also includes adoption of EIPro from CI Technologies, an application that will make sure supervisors and other high-ranking officers can familiarize themselves with incidents that those under their command have been involved in, such as internal and external complaints and use of force. The application will improve the ability to identify officers who may need extra resources and or training, states the resolution, and the goal is to intervene early with the officers to prevent negative community interactions.

Announcing IAPro NextGen!

The release of IAPro NextGen represents the most important milestone in the 21 year history of IAPro! Built using the latest, and most secure frameworks and technologies, IAPro NextGen joins BlueTeam, TopCop and EIPro on CI Technologies' next-generation software application platform A key design goal of the IAPro NextGen development team was to create a familiar user interface (UI) so that customers could transition to IAPro NextGen with minimal or no training being needed IAPro NextGen can be run in MS Edge, Chrome, Safari and other modern, up-to-date browsers. IAPro NextGen is available today to all current customers at no additional cost as part of our normal product upgrade services The IAPro NextGen customer upgrade program commenced 4th quarter 2020. As-of January 2021 over 250 customer sites have been upgraded. Dashboard "Today" case management dashboard | Provides direct drill-down to individual cases and tasks | Visual identification of items approaching or at past-due status GIS Capable Locations geocoded automatically on entry | Simplified location entry with best-match candidates being presented | Alternate map-based location entry NEXTGEN Ad-hoc reporting and charting Advanced ad-hoc reports and charts builder | Allows users to create ad hoc reports and charts with zero IT assistance required | Real-time data access filtering supports use by all users, while ensuring that no un-authorized information access will occur | Exports to PDF and Excel if desired " In-built PDF and Image Viewers IAPro Nextgen brings an in-built PDF and image files viewer | Downloads to workstation browser are no longer necessary! Automate correspondence and form creation Template-based correspondence and other documents are filled in automatically | Greatly enhances user productivity! | Integrates with linked documents features Build queries on any and all data elements Full-spectrum query capabilities | Queries can be saved for re-use | Allows users to create queries with zero IT assistance required Modernized System Administration The IAPro NextGen administration UI is greatly simplified | Re-architected as part of the "hardening" of security and access control across the application | Utilizes the latest enterprise application security technologies

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