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Public safety today operates in an environment of high expectations as never before, with best practices and proactive approaches fast becoming the norm across organizations of all sizes.

Used by over 950 public safety agencies in four countries, the IAPro solution is the leading Professional Standards solution - worldwide.

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Used by 700+ public safety agencies in four countries, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability.

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The leading Professional Standards software used by public safety across the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

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Providing an advanced platform for early intervention and wellness support designed for use across the public safety enterprise.

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Announcing IAPro NextGen!

The release of IAPro NextGen represents the most important milestone in the 21 year history of IAPro! Built using the latest, and most secure frameworks and technologies, IAPro NextGen joins BlueTeam, TopCop and EIPro on CI Technologies' next-generation software application platform A key design goal of the IAPro NextGen development team was to create a familiar user interface (UI) so that customers could transition to IAPro NextGen with minimal or no training being needed IAPro NextGen can be run in MS Edge, Chrome, Safari and other modern, up-to-date browsers. IAPro NextGen is available today to all current customers at no additional cost as part of our normal product upgrade services The IAPro NextGen customer upgrade program commenced 4th quarter 2020. As-of January 2021 over 250 customer sites have been upgraded. Dashboard "Today" case management dashboard | Provides direct drill-down to individual cases and tasks | Visual identification of items approaching or at past-due status GIS Capable Locations geocoded automatically on entry | Simplified location entry with best-match candidates being presented | Alternate map-based location entry NEXTGEN Ad-hoc reporting and charting Advanced ad-hoc reports and charts builder | Allows users to create ad hoc reports and charts with zero IT assistance required | Real-time data access filtering supports use by all users, while ensuring that no un-authorized information access will occur | Exports to PDF and Excel if desired " In-built PDF and Image Viewers IAPro Nextgen brings an in-built PDF and image files viewer | Downloads to workstation browser are no longer necessary! Automate correspondence and form creation Template-based correspondence and other documents are filled in automatically | Greatly enhances user productivity! | Integrates with linked documents features Build queries on any and all data elements Full-spectrum query capabilities | Queries can be saved for re-use | Allows users to create queries with zero IT assistance required Modernized System Administration The IAPro NextGen administration UI is greatly simplified | Re-architected as part of the "hardening" of security and access control across the application | Utilizes the latest enterprise application security technologies

BlueTeam at NSW Police

Boosting NSW Professional Standards Command’s Capabilities New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) is making final preparations for the roll-out of BlueTeam statewide! BlueTeam will expand NSWPF capabilities to manage and respond to complaints, misconduct and other Professional Standards issues. In preparation, important enhancements have been made to BlueTeam’s workflow routing functionality in order to more closely support their review and accountability requirements. Extensive testing and preparation Extensive testing and up-front planning is being done by NSWPF Professional Standards Command in preparation for rollout. Important expansion of use BlueTeam joins its companion application IAPro, currently in use by hundreds of NSWPF users with Professional Standards responsibility. The introduction of BlueTeam will supplement and expand the use of our solution across NSW Police.

BlueTeam media mention: “Police chief outlines use-of-force policies amid reform demands”

The Missourian newspaper reports on the Columbia Police Department’s response to changes sought by those demonstrating in the wake of the death of George Floyd. BlueTeam is a key component to Departmental reporting and management of use-of-force incidents. Police chief outlines use-of-force policies amid reform demands Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones said in a memo that his department already has policies in place meeting “use of force” changes sought by those demonstrating in the wake of the death of George Floyd….. In the memo, Jones details how the police department approaches the uses of force targeted by Campaign Zero and states that most demands have already been met, with some qualifications. Here is a point-by-point summary: …3. Require comprehensive reporting of incidents where officers use force. The chief said the department uses software called BlueTeam to track all incidents involving Columbia police officers using force, and officers are required to report any time they use force. All police use-of-force incidents are reviewed by the department’s internal review process, according to the memo. The department’s software “also sends alerts to supervisors when there are repeated uses of force within a set time period,” the memo states.

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