A supervisory note centers around a free-form text entry–often a few paragraphs–that documents an observation or discussion. The note is linked to the subject employee or employees, who are notified via email of a new note having been created. They can then access the system to read the note and add comments if desired.
The employees that a supervisor may write notes about can be restricted by organizational assignment and job title. Similarly, access to notes written about an employee can be restricted to his or her immediate supervisor.


Notes “follow” employees as they are reassigned or take on different supervisors over time. This allows notes made during employees’ previous assignments to be accessible by their current supervisors.

Life cycle

Notes will be retained for a configurable time period. For example, note may be retained just for the time period up to the next annual review of the employee the note is on. It is also an option to retain certain types of notes indefinitely, such as commendations.

Security and access control

The content of notes, employee accounts, and other information in the system are considered sensitive and are protected. Access to data and functionality are configured so that each user of MakeNOTE is capable of performing only actions in the system that are appropriate for his or her role. Usage restrictions are supplemented by background audit logging processes that ensure all system usage is recorded.

MakeNote's landing -- or "Home" -- page, shown above, displays counts of Notes in process along with activity stream of current note activity based on the user's organizational purview

Published notes are viewable by the affected employee, who can provide comments/feedback if desired.

Supervisors can track notes still within their retention period. Also shows Private Notes, and color coding for Positive (green), Neutral (blue) and Negative (red) notes.


Support for performance evaluations -- or "Evals" for short -- are a core feature-set of MakeNote.
Evals in MakeNote are highly configurable to best meet the business processes and requirements of our customers.


Evals are highly configurable so that they can be tailored to fully capture all dimensions of a job or position's responsibilities.

Supports established processes

Performance evaluations can be submitted for approval and advice by higher-ups, HR, etc.

MakeNote Evals-mode Home page with similar layout to Notes-mode Home. User can see evals being processed in the colored boxes, a streaming list of current applicable eval processes and listing of employees under purview

Listing of Evals created and being processed by supervisor, showing the various statuses with color coded boxes and due date information. The screenshot above also shows four different Eval Types in use (3 month, Paid Detail, FTO Eval and Annual)

Configuring Evals: the agency decides what to name them, scheduling details, who can create them and weighted scoring based on criteria importance


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