Frequently Asked Questions

How is the licensing determined?

IAPro and BlueTeam pricing is provided as an unlimited use licensing in terms of both the number of users that can run the software concurrently, and the number of workstations the applications can run on.

Our pricing model ensures maximum flexibility for the customer, with all licensing costs paid at the point of initial purchase.

The customer will never have to purchase additional licensing based on increased or unforeseen future usage requirements. This is important since the participation of front-line personnel – especially supervisors – is crucial in upholding the integrity of the organization and to constrain their use of the software would greatly limit, if not cripple, its effectiveness.

What are the System Requirements?

Databases Engines Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017-2022
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express (free from Microsoft, but a 10GB Database limit)

Database Server Requirements

SQL Server

The IAPro databases do not require a separate server. They can be located on an existing SQL Server at your agency. Generally, IAPro produces a relatively low load on the database server, especially since the number of concurrent users is usually quite low.

NextGen Web Application Requirements (IAPro NextGen, BlueTeam NextGen, EIPro, Public Portal, MakeNote)

  • Windows Server, 2016 - 2022
  • 8 GB of RAM minimum, 16 GB or higher recommended
  • 2 Processors minimum required
  • Requires any modern browser including Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, or Firefox. Internet Explorer/Legacy Edge are not supported

NextGen apps use an embedded web engine.

Web apps can be installed on the same server and can be installed on the same server where SQL is located if desired.

NextGen apps support current encryption and security requirements including:

  • SSL Encryption
  • SQL TLS Encryption
  • SQL Integrated Security
  • SQL User Accounts
  • LDAPS Encryption
  • SMTPS Encryption
  • 2FA

IAPro Windows Client Application Requirements

  • All versions of Microsoft Windows with Windows 10 and newer recommended
  • Minimum 1GB RAM Recommended
  • Pentium-class processor
  • At least 200MB of free drive space recommended

Other Requirements

File Storage Options

IAPro/BlueTeam/EIPro/MakeNote/Public Portal use a shared network folder to store digital images and/or file attachments. Optionally, IAPro, BlueTeam, and EIPro applications can be configured to use BLOB (database) storage.