The Leading Professional Standards Solution... Worldwide.

As of Fall 2021, IAPro Nextgen is in use at over 620 customer sites. All 950+ customers are expected to be upgraded by mid-year 2022.

Early Identification and Intervention

A broad range of proactive early intervention features are available.

Analytical interfaces, 7 types of threshold-based alerts, peer group analysis, and a variety of ranking and comparison reports.

IAPro's early intervention features have been reviewed by CALEA accreditation assessment teams during visits to our customers' sites, and have been found to fully support CALEA requirements in this regard.

Case Management

IAPro's advanced visual interfaces allow point-and-click display of the unit's caseload along with drill-down capability. Automatic reminders for investigators and supervisors ensure that necessary casework is completed in a timely manner and documented.

Link Files of any Type

Files of any type - including PDF, MS Word, video, audio and digital images - can be linked to each case or incident and placed into virtual folders.

Storage is either to network share or securely stored within your database.

Advanced Statistical and Detail Reporting

A broad range of statistical reports and charts are provided which include aggregate, trend, exception and comparative formats.

An advanced ad-hoc report platform and query builders enable users to create, save and modify an unlimited range of report and query formats

Automated Correspondence and Forms

Huge time savings can be realized by automating standard forms and letters using IAPro Nextgen templates. Pre-configured templates are selected and automatically filled-in in seconds.

Over 150 data elements such as involved citizen name and address, assigned investigator, and many more are available. Best of all: at no additional cost, all templates are easily created and added to the system by the customer. No high-priced specialists required!

Access and Security Controls

Multi-level access screening supplemented with optional stove-pipe lock-down, feature access screening, and background usage logging. Users' access to IAPro information is fully controlled and thoroughly audited.

The release of IAPro NextGen represents the most important milestone in the 21 year history of IAPro!

Built using the latest, and most secure frameworks and technologies, IAPro NextGen joins BlueTeam, EIPro and MakeNote on CI Technologies' next-generation software application platform

A key design goal of the IAPro NextGen development team was to create a familiar user interface (UI) so that customers could transition to IAPro NextGen with minimal or no training being needed

IAPro NextGen can be run in MS Edge, Chrome, Safari and other modern, up-to-date browsers.

IAPro NextGen is available to all current customers at no additional cost as part of our normal product upgrade services

The IAPro NextGen customer upgrade program commenced 4th quarter 2020. As-of Fall 2021 over 620 customer sites have been upgraded.


"Today" case management dashboard | Provides direct drill-down to individual cases and tasks | Visual identification of items approaching or at past-due status

GIS Capable

Locations geocoded automatically on entry | Simplified location entry with best-match candidates being presented | Alternate map-based location entry

NEXTGEN Ad-hoc reporting and charting

Advanced ad-hoc reports and charts builder | Allows users to create ad hoc reports and charts with zero IT assistance required | Real-time data access filtering supports use by all users, while ensuring that no un-authorized information access will occur | Exports to PDF and Excel if desired


In-built PDF and Image Viewers

IAPro Nextgen brings an in-built PDF and image files viewer | Downloads to workstation browser are no longer necessary!

Automate correspondence and form creation

Template-based correspondence and other documents are filled in automatically | Greatly enhances user productivity! | Integrates with linked documents features

Build queries on any and all data elements

Full-spectrum query capabilities | Queries can be saved for re-use | Allows users to create queries with zero IT assistance required

Modernized System Administration

The IAPro NextGen administration UI is greatly simplified | Re-architected as part of the "hardening" of security and access control across the application | Utilizes the latest enterprise application security technologies