The IAPro Ontario Provincial Training Symposium will be held October 13th and 14th. Different from our annual Canadian Users Conferences, this Symposium will be a two-day deep dive of training on beginning to advanced topics.

Hosted by Toronto Police Service, the symposium will be held at the TPS Police College.

The training offered will be tailored to our Canadian customers' specialized business practices as well as Canadian-specific features of the software, with the training being conducted by our Canadian IAPro training specialist. The symposium is no charge for attendees, and registration should be made in advance.

Symposium Content and Details

Thirty attendees can be accommodated and attendance is offered on a first come first serve basis. The symposium will run from 9 am through 5 pm with short break and a stop for lunch.

  • Solution fundamentals
  • Review of new features in the latest release
  • Advanced Features Overview
  • Canadian-specific usage patterns and practices
  • Question and Answer sessions

To request information or to register, please e-mail