September 23rd 2018


A major milestone!

New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) -- CI Technologies' 5th Australian customer -- is up and running with IAPro!

As production use moves forward, CI Technologies staff continue our work with NSWPF BTS to ensure Professional Standards Command (PSC) reporting and other business requirements are fully met.

Extensive preparation; in-depth implementation

Implementation at NSWPF was one of the more complex in our experience, with extensive up-front planning being done by our Company in cooperation with NSWPF PSC and IT staffs during 2017.

To meet the exacting NSWPF security/access control requirements, enhancements leveraging the advanced information filtering architectures of our BlueTeam and EIPro companion products were made.

Australia-based implementation efforts then unfolded over a five month period. Involved were six IAPro trainers, weeks of on-site work by one of our data migration & integration specialists and an IAPro project manager on-site for the entire period.

Over 250 users have been trained during that period!

Successful roll-out to production use

As of May 2018, IAPro is now in use across...

  • PSC elements of 29 NSW Local Area Commands
  • PSC staff at Professional Standards Command HQ in Redfern
  • Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) NSW Police oversight body staff

Moving forward...

CI Technologies has introduced an experienced local training and support resource to assist NSWPF and our other Australasian customers.

As well, the next Australasian IAPro Users conference will be held in Parramatta, NSW near NSWPF HQ this coming March 2019.

We would like to express our appreciation to all NSWPF staff and our Company staff involved in this important project for their hard work, and successful efforts!

New South Wales Police serves a population of 7.3 million, with a jurisdiction 312,732 square miles in size. The largest Police Force in Australia, NSW meets its policing responsibilities with approximately 20,500 sworn and non-sworn employees.
IAPro is in widespread use by NSW State Government organizational elements tasked with upholding the integrity and reputation of New South Wales Police Force. These include NSWPF Professional Standards Command as well as staff of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) Police oversight body