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Over the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in both public safety and non-public safety agencies requiring Professional Standards software to collect, track, analyze and report on incidents.

Whether it is a law enforcement agency that needs to track use of force incidents, citizen complaints, or a non-public safety agency needing to collect employee vs employee complaints, property damage or any other event type; we have you covered.

In addition to collecting data, we have seen big increases in analyzing and reporting on that same data.


New customers will experience a short turnaround from the time we receive their purchase order until we are ready to install our solution. If the new customer has the servers/database and equipment ready, we can deploy our software to your agency in days. Not weeks, months, or years. We will then schedule your training and you will have the latest most advanced software available to manage your Professional Standards incidents.

If you use one of our competitors products our staff has extensive experience with migrating their data into our solution. After the installation of our software we can begin the process of migrating any data then schedule training.

With 21 years of experience, we have a straightforward solution built on modern technology that is frequently updated with new features ready to rapidly deploy when you are.


Existing customers who are under maintenance enjoy free product updates to the latest version with all the new features. Our Technical staff can work with an agency’s Information Technology staff to assess your current environment and provide any requirements before an upgrade. Upgrade can be accomplished in a few short hours once scheduled with our staff. Existing customers also enjoy free webinars to bring them up to date on new product features and we have a product support web site that is maintained with up to date documentation and videos.

Over half our customers have upgraded to our NextGen versions in 2020 and have experienced our ability to rapidly deploy our product updates. Whether you’re a potential new customer considering our products or an existing customer who wants the latest versions and new features we can get our products installed/upgraded in a short amount of time and you will not be waiting months or years.

CASE STUDY #1 - Rapid Implementation

Fairfield Police Department in Connecticut is a medium sized agency employing 108 Sworn Police Officers, approximately 100 authorized Special Agents, 15 Telecommunicators, 4 Animal Control Officers, 7 Marina Guards, 6 full-time and several part-time civilian personnel.

Fairfield was using a competitor's product which was outdated and began searching for a replacement. After reviewing multiple products they concluded IAPro was the best product for their agency. Once the purchase was complete, our Technical Support team was notified and reached out to schedule the installation. Fairfield IT had servers ready and wanted to get the install completed quickly to transition to the new software. Our Technical team was able to rapidly deploy our software within 48 hours from the time we received notification of the purchase.

CASE STUDY #2 - Rapid Upgrade

Blood Tribe Police Department in Alberta Canada contacted our technical support line with an urgent need to upgrade their four year old software due to an old server failing. Blood Tribe PD indicated they needed to verify the new server met the requirements and asked to postpone the install for 24 hours to give them time to prepare. The next day the upgrade was completed which involved moving the existing database files to a new server and installing four new NextGen application instances. The entire process took just under three hours and they were able to start using our solution again.